The digital media industry has a problem. Your personal data is being bartered, traded and farmed without your consent. Providers for the content you enjoy are being forced to crowd screens with ads and brands are relying on questionable data. How do we bring trust back? 
Some of the world’s most influential media companies, advertisers and content providers are banding together to create Thanks. Built on a mutual exchange of value, Thanks is a new platform with the reach of big media networks and without the distrust. Users are rewarded for sharing their data with access to premium content, and more importantly, the user has complete control over who has their data.
Using a mildly customized typeface, a forward-thinking, techy color-palette, and a fun, simple, but distinctive illustrative identity, the Thanks brand was born. Simplified iconography lets a complex story of internet corruption be easily interpreted by any audience. A limited palette of contrasting colors allows Thanks to be effortlessly distinguished across a crowded media landscape.

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