Infirmary Health is the largest non-governmental healthcare system in the state of Alabama. One of their many focuses is offering comprehensive OBGYN care to women across the region with the support of their physician partners at various clinics in Mobile and Baldwin county.

Infirmary Health needs to launch a new campaign focused on women’s health initiatives, with primary messaging focusing on breast health, OBGYN and cardiovascular. With a crowded competitive market and an evolving healthcare landscape, the campaign must resonate with women across Mobile and Baldwin counties in various life stages.

The primary message of this campaign is one of support, commitment and proximity. Infirmary Health is here, in your area, to provide women with the specialized care they need today, every day, always. The look features women as they are—the hero of the page. Gritty headline type conveys brand messaging and brand palette-graded photography establish a visual system.

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