Hilton, the fifth-largest hotel chain in the world, has a staff force equally as prominent. To bolster their team, they created a back-of-house marketing initiative called Thrive which has since lead to Fortune's #1 Best Place to Work award several years in a row.

In an effort to elevate the back-of-house initiative and maintain top spots among the world's best workforces, refreshed brand standards and marketing materials are required. Though the brand's logo is already established internally, the overall brand is vague and lacks proper instruction.
Intensely thorough brand standards were created to guide team members how to create fun, thought-provoking pieces of back-of-house marketing. The guidelines cover type treatments, visual assets and systems, colors, photography, graphic imagery, logo and color usage, and a flurry of best practices (complete with rationale and messaging) to help create powerful marketing campaigns and designs.
Following the brand standards book, below is a small collection of pieces designed under those guidelines.

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