Networking is hard, expensive and often fruitless. Vintro turns the tables on traditional networking by putting the power in the hands of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs pick who they want to talk to instead of the other way around. Think Shark Tank but accessible and easy for everyone.

The current digital experience is confusing which leads to misunderstanding of the product, and the brand lacks marketing. A brand transformation and new digital experience is needed before marketing initiatives can launch.
Vintro is a platform that democratizes ideas and connects them together. Because of the platform's ability to connect people remotely, the logomark stemmed from the idea of devices collaborating. Dual screens facing each other form the first two sections in the mark. A star representing the spark of magic when great ideas are triggered finish it off. And together, it forms a play button, eager to get those ideas in motion.
The mark is accompanied by a perfectly weighted and kerned wordmark bearing the brand name. Several visual tools like a splash of sparks or doodled napkin sketches establish a recognizable visual system and together forge the Vintro brand.

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