I hold no secrets.

Here's how I do things.

Consult with the client


I first pick the brain of clientele and present any questions that may give me a better idea of their business model. This helps me build client-to-designer relations and establishes a starting point when first conceptualizing a design.




Now is the time I sketch, write down, and compile any and all of my ideas. Everything that has since-been cultivating in my head is spilled onto some sort of physical media.




Now, I pick my own brain. I think about anything and everything that may in someway relate back to the initial problem. While brainstorming is continuous throughout my process, I find it best to focus on it most now.




I always value the opinions of others. Before finishing any project, I get a second opinion. Whether they have a background in design or not, input or criticism from others is critical. After all, they are the ones who will be most effected by my work in the end.




At this point, I second-guess everything I’ve done and reconsider my career path.


Jokes aside, I think it is important to take a step back at some point and reevaluate my work so far.

Identify the problem


Determining exactly what issues need to be addressed in the first place is imperative to creating solutions. Here, I devote myself to diagnosing the issue at hand.


Research the problem


I then delve my mind into any source of information that may lead me to discover why the client isn’t successful. Without knowledge of why, a solution can never be found.




Once I have a concept that I am happy with, I take the best candidates from my braindump and bring them to a screen. This brings my ideas to reality.



Before finishing a project, I double-check everything for mistakes. Good quality control = good design.



I now compile and send everything to the client for review. I then sit back and relax for a good five minutes before I get started on my next adventure.

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