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I'm Casey Herman.


I'm a recent graduate, part-time designer, and full-time deep-thinker currently residing in Pensacola, Florida. My time as a student was spent at the University of West Florida where I pursued a BFA in Graphic Design. My professional career as an artist began at the Sports and Recreation department at my university. There, I worked alongside a group of like-minded designers fabricating banners, logos, fliers, shirts, posters, and programs. Nowadays, I work as a designer for making similar cool things in an effort to build their brand. I am certainly lucky to be doing what I love this early down my career path.


My desire for design began in high school and has since snowballed into an obsession. Being an avid perfectionist and someone who has the tendency to think too much, graphic design gave me an excuse to exploit these traits. That, compiled with the opportunity to express myself, presented graphic design as a path for exploration.

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